Stage 1: Miscellaneous Trophies

Most of these trophies are extremely simple compared to the 3 Easter Egg trophies, so it is best to complete these first. The maps themselves are also extremely simple and if you have played them before on their respective game, it will be an easy experience overall. All of these have been revamped with BO3 weapons & Perks, as well as some additional Gobblegum machines. Go through this map list from Nacht to Origins.
You'll have a great time trying to do these trophies.
In Shi No Numa, kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.
In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.
In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.
In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.
In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.
In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.
In Nacht Der Untoten, do not let any zombies enter the building during the first 3 rounds.
In Verrückt, headshot 20 zombies in the courtyard from the second floor of the Asylum.
In Kino Der Toten, visit every location the teleporter can take you to.

Stage 2: The Easter Eggs

This is the main time sink in this DLC. You must complete all the main quests of the maps that have trophies related to them, which are Shangri-La, Moon, and Origins. If you have previously completed these Easter Eggs, you should have some familiarity with these quests as the steps have not changed at all. However, one huge change is that Moon can finally be completed solo, which can be a good option. If you have never completed these eggs before, you'll have a fun time learning and studying all these classic maps. 
In Shangri-La, acquire the Focusing Stone.
In Moon, complete Richtofen's Grand Scheme.
In Origins, release Samantha.

Important Info

With the addition of Gobblegums in Black Ops 3, many of these maps have become a lot easier than their original forms, as there are many gum machines around the maps. If you have played the other Zombies Maps in the game, by this point you should have a fairly decent collection of Gobblegums.

You get one free roll at Gobblegum Machine per round, and the price will increase after each spin, and will reset after each round. The price will also vary depending on which round you are on.

The list goes:
  • Rounds 1-9: 0 / 1,500 / 3,000
  • Rounds 10-19: 0 / 2,500 / 5,000
  • Rounds 20-29: 0 / 4,500 / 9,000
  • Rounds 30-39: 0 / 8,500 / 17,000
  • Rounds 40-49: 0 / 16,500 / 33,000
  • Rounds 50-59: 0 / 32,500 / 65,000
  • Rounds 60-69: 0 / 64,500 / 129,000
  • Rounds 70-79: 0 / 128,500 / 257,000
  • Rounds 80-89: 0 / 256,500 / 513,000
  • Rounds 90-99: 0 / 512,500 / 1,025,000
  • Rounds 100-255: 0 / 1,024,500 / 2,049,000

Below is a list of Gobblegums that will make your trophy hunting journey through these maps easier, no matter what scenario you will be in.



(ULTRA-RARE MEGA) Activates immediately after consumption. Gives the player all perks in the map.

Soda Fountain

(RARE MEGA) Auto-activates after buying a perk. 5 activations. Every perk you purchase grants another random perk. Perk limit is ignored. Poor man's Perkaholic.

Immolation Liquidation

(MEGA) 3 player activations. Spawns a Fire Sale power-ups

Shopping Free

(ULTRA-RARE MEGA) Activates immediately after consumption. Lasts for one minute. All purchases are free.

Profit Sharing

(ULTRA-RARE MEGA) Activates immediately after consumption. Lasts for 10 minutes. Points you earn are received by nearby players and vice versa.

Near Death Experience

(ULTRA-RARE MEGA) Activates immediately after consumption. Lasts for 3 rounds.
Revive, or be revived simply by being near other players. Revived players keep all their perks.

Extra Credit

(RARE MEGA) 4 player activations. Spawns a Personal Points power-up worth 1250 points.

In Plain Sight

(CLASSIC) 2 player activations. Lasts for 10 seconds. All zombies ignore the player.

Anywhere But Here!

(CLASSIC) 2 player activations. Instantly teleports to a random location on the map.

NOTE: If you close the application before a match ends, you will retain all the Gobblegums that were used during that match. This is really helpful if you only have one copy of the Gobblegum.
It's a Trap!
In Shi No Numa, kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.
Ultra Rare
In Shi No Numa, there are 4 Electro-Shock Defenses and 1 Flogger trap. All electric traps can be found at the entrance of the 4 huts while the Flogger can be found towards the path to the Fishing Hut.

The first thing you should do is to earn Jugg. Jugg will allow you to survive crossing the electric trap and keep you moving. Each hut will spawn a random Perk-a-Cola machine for you to drink, so you might have to open every hut if you aren't lucky enough to find Jugg.

Ideally, you want to be in a low round with at least 2 of the huts open with Jugg equipped. So you should point farm as much as possible in the first 5 rounds to open the ground floor of the main structure and the gates for 2 of the huts you want to enter. You should also roll the mystery box or buy a weapon from the wall for safety. In the next 5, you should be hitting headshots for that "+100" bonus and to buy the entrances to the actual huts. Pray that one of them has Jugg. If they don't, spend another round or two to open the other two huts.

Now that you have Jugg and have at least 2 huts open, it is time for you to build your route and get the points needed to activate the traps, which should take another round.

Your route should start inside one hut at the start of a round. Once the zombie comes into the hut from a window, you should turn on the electric trap and run through it. Then you should come to the Flogger and quickly activate that when you sense that the Zombies start spawning around it. Then you need to move towards the second hut and turn on the electric trap as soon as possible. With a bit of luck with the spawns and training, you should easily earn this.

Below is the ideal route to take for when you attempt this trophy.

It's a Trap! Video Guide

The Eagle has Landers
In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.
Ascension has a fast travel system called the Lunar Lander. There are three stations where you can call it in and they are at the far ends of the map. They are labeled as Б, Д, and Ф or B, D, and F. You need to activate and ride the lander from each station back to Spawn. You can ride in any order you wish. This is how you unlock Pack-A-Punch on this map.

The very first thing you need to do is to turn on the Power, which can be easily done by following the electric arrows. Then you should casually grind your way through the rounds, opening all the doors towards each station. You may focus on one path towards one station or find a training spot and just gather points to open them all in one round, whichever you prefer. You need to spend a minimum of 7750 for all the doors leading to the stations if you are doing solo. Prices will fluctuate when playing in Co-Op. You also need 750 points just to activate the lander itself in each station.

Once you ride the lander at each station, you'll earn your trophy.

The Eagle has Landers Video Guide

Chimp on the Barbie
In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.
Very Rare
Space Monkeys are the special round enemies of Ascension, similar to the Hellhounds. Their main gimmick is that they attack your equipped perks, and swipe at you if you get too close to them. They only appear only 4 or 5 rounds after purchasing your first perk.

The fire traps are the two traps found near the gate at Stamina-Up or the gate towards Pack-A-Punch. This will kill anything who dares to walk through it, including the player, unless they have Jugg equipped. You also need 1000 points to turn the trap on.

Your best course of action is to play around whichever trap you want to use and wait for the Special Round. Then as soon as the round starts, the Monkeys will spawn near you. Find them and find which gate they'll be likely to walk through. Quickly buy the trap and see the little chimp explode. As soon as this happens, you'll earn your trophy.
Time Travel Will Tell
In Shangri-La, acquire the Focusing Stone.
Ultra Rare
Time Travel Will Tell is the main quest of Shangri-La. It is exactly the same as it is in Black Ops I. Nothing in this quest has changed besides all the weapons being reskinned for Black Ops III, including the Spikemores being replaced with Trip Mines, which is important to know for the Tunnel Holes step. Besides that, it is the same quest. You must have 4 players in your game for this to work and to activate Eclipse Mode and Pack-A-Punch to actually do all the steps. This egg requires a good amount of communication and prior knowledge about the game to make this work. Although this can be tedious, this is relatively simple compared to what the Black Ops III maps already have you do. It is straightforward and will take as much as two hours. 

Required Items
You must use the 31-79 JGb215, AKA The Baby Maker, in multiple parts of this quest so this is your first priority. Luckily, due to this being Black Ops III, you have the magical power of Gobblegums. There is only one Gobblegum that directly makes the process to earn this extremely quickly. Immolation Liquidation allows you to spin the box way more times and is cheaper too. This is especially recommended if you have more than one player in your lobby, as it increases the chance of someone getting the Wonder Weapon if you all spin at the same time and they also use their Immolation Liquidation at the same time. There are other point-related Gobblegums that you can use but this is the main one to use on this map.

You also need the box to collect at least 1 explosive weapon (Ray Gun will also work) and it is another method to earn the Trip Mines.

Step 0 (Turning on Power and Spinning the Box)

The very first thing you must do is to turn on the power. Ideally, you want to open the map as much as possible and spin the box as early as possible for The Baby Maker and other items that guarantee survival. During this, you must also turn on the power to actually start the rest of this quest. Once you got the required items, you can now properly start.

Step 1 (Turning on Eclipse Mode for the First Time)

Once you have turned on the power, there will be 4 new buttons on the walls in the small area where Quick Revive is. All four players must press Square on the buttons at the same time to enter Eclipse Mode. One person should do a countdown to make sure everyone presses simultaneously. If done correctly, a massive meteor should appear, as well as the moon eclipsing the sun. This means you have traveled back in time and can now continue with the quest. Pretty much all the steps need Eclipse Mode to be active or else they will not work. Eclipse Mode usually lasts for 5 min to better use that time wisely. You can press all the buttons and reactivate Eclipse Mode multiple times in a round so there is no need to worry about that.

Step 2 (Meeting Brock and Gary and Touching Stone Slabs)

Go to the area where the Pharo wall-buy is and turn to the corner next to it and you'll see a button. Press it and you will be hearing dialogue from two characters named Brock and Gary. They are two explorers that have gotten stuck within Shangri-La. They have been trapped by the zombies and traps around Shang and are also stuck in a time loop. They ask for the help of the players to set them free and to move on from this.

Once their dialogue is done, newly spawned slabs can be found in the immediate areas outside of spawn. This is a simple matching game. Your team has to match a stone on one side to its corresponding stone on the other side to make it disappear. There are 12 on each side and are scattered around. 
  1. One player must step on one slab, see the symbol that comes up, and must get off the slab. They must describe what symbol they saw. 
  2. Another player on the other side of the map steps on their set of slabs and tries to find the corresponding symbol.
  3. Once the player on the other side finds the correct symbol/slab, the original player can now step onto the slab.

If done correctly, the slabs will disappear and now you can move on to the next pair. If both players stand on incorrect slabs, every slab reappears and must do it all again. This also must be done within a single use of Eclipse mode. If your team is not done by the time Eclipse Mode ends, your progress on this step will reset but you can just reactivate Eclipse Mode and you should be back on track.

Once the final pair disappears, the game should force you out of Eclipse Mode, you hear a sound and the Focusing Crystal should appear on top of the Pharo wall-buy.

Step 3 (Water Slide / Pressure Plate)

Enter Eclipse Mode again and go to the water slide. The first three players should take the water slide and must stand at the bottom of the slide. These three players are putting pressure on a plate that is on the bottom of the slide, but the last player must also wait on top until the other three are standing on top of it. The last player now enters the slide but must hold down Square on the right side during their descent to hit a switch. Once the 4th lands on the bottom, the plate will finally have enough pressure to activate the next step. This might take a few seconds but it will work once it forces the players to exit Eclipse Mode and you can see a newly spawned crystal on top of the water slide.

Step 4 (Crystal Shrinking)

Enter Eclipse Mode again and head to the water slide and now you'll see the crystal just hanging up there. Knock it down with any explosive/the Ray Gun. Once it is on the floor, someone with the Baby Maker must shoot at it to make it shrink. Once it has shrunk, melee it and it will fall into the water slide. Follow it until it reaches the geyser. Stand in the geyser with it. The geyser should launch everyone in it, including the crystal. The Crystal should land on a pedestal, and Eclipse Mode will end, which means the step is complete.

Step 5 (Gas Pipes / Napalm Zombie Bait)

In the tunnel in front of the Pharo wall-buy, there is a valve wheel on the right side of the tunnel that has to be turned four times by holding Square. This will cause two pipes to leak gas.
  • One leak is next to the valve wheel you just spun to spawn them in.
  • The next leak is above the Mystery Box location, next to a Gobblegum machine, down the tunnel.
  • The other leak is next to Double Tap, just above the KN-44 wall buy.
  • The last leak is up the small set of steps next to the KN-44 wall buy.

(These leaks might change locations slightly but this is the general path to see each leak.)

Now you must wait until a Napalm Zombie spawns into the map. They usually spawn every few rounds after Round 5. Once someone on your team spots the Napalm Zombie, DO NOT KILL IT. It is now a tool for you all to use for this specific step. Once it has spawned, enter Eclipse Mode again and have one of your crew members guide the zombie to each of the gas leaks. Once it is near one of them, the gas will be lit on fire. Continue to guide the Napalm Zombie until all 4 gas leaks have been lit. Once they have all been lit, go back to the valve wheel and a lever should be next to it. Pull it down with Square. If you had done everything correctly, Brock and Gary will play their voicelines, and you'll exit Eclipse Mode.

All of this must be done in one use of Eclipse Mode. If your team is not done by the time Eclipse Mode ends, your progress on this step will reset but you can just reactivate Eclipse Mode and you should be back on track.

Step 6 (Trip Mines / Plugging Holes)

Now you must purchase the Trip Mines for this next step. Preferably everyone should have Trip Mines for this step in case an error occurs when completing this step. They can be found on the right side of the Power Room. Enter Eclipse Mode again and travel to the opposite side of the map, in the tunnel with the VMP wall-buy. There are now 4 holes on the left side of the tunnel. They must be plugged by the Trip Mines. Aim the Trip Mines on the floor but line it up with the hole. The best way to do this is to set off each mine individually and use only a few zombies to detonate it. This is a bit finicky due to the line up for the mines being specific. Once you know all of the holes have been plugged in, return to the bottom of the waterfall and there should be a newly spawned brick wall on the bolder. Go up to it and it should have an exposed brick saying "Don't hold Square." Hold it. You'll then exit Eclipse Mode, meaning that you've done this step correctly.

Step 7 (Meleeing Wall Panels)

Enter Eclipse Mode again. You'll now be tasked with meleeing newly spawned wall panels all over the map. There are only 12 and all you need to do is find and melee them.
  • 5 panels are in spawn
  • 2 panels are in the minecart area
  • 2 panels are in the mudpit area
  • 2 panels are in the ICR wall-buy area
  • 1 panel in the power room

Once all of these panels have been lit up, a wooden contraption now spawns over the minecart itself in the out-of-bounds area. Try and blow it up by using either the grenades or the Monkey Bomb. Once it has been destroyed, you'll exit Eclipse Mode, signifying that you have completed this step.

Step 8 (Mudpit Dials)

Enter Eclipse Mode again and head to the mudpit. In each of the corners of this mudpit area, there will be four huge dials that must be turned to the correct positions. You could have listened to a newly spawned radio near the minecart, but below are the correct solutions for each dial.

Coming from spawn:
  • Go to the left and turn the dial until the image with the four dots is at the top of the dial
  • Turn around and head to the dial opposite. Turn the dial until the image with three dots is at the top of the dial.
  • Turn right and head to that dial. Turn the dial until the image with the "Cl" and a dot is at the top of the dial.
  • Turn around and head to the dial opposite the last one. Turn the dial until the image with a single dot is at the top of the dial.

Once that is done, the characters will play some voice lines and Eclipse Mode will end.

Step 9 (Gongs / Charging Focusing Crystals)

Before continuing further, the person with the Baby Maker must Pack-A-Punch their weapon for a specific task at the end of this step.

You must now find a bag of Dynamite, but to find it, you'll have to do this large step. Enter Eclipse Mode again. You must now melee and find the correct set of Gongs that will charge up all the Focusing Crystals. Players complete this by meleeing a gong, listening to either the voice lines said by their character or seeing the crystals themselves. If you have found a correct gong, the characters will say something about how pleasant the sound is and the crystals will stay neutral. If you hit an incorrect gong, the characters will say something negative about the sound and the crystals will have a red glow around them. The 8 gongs can be found near the waterfall, the mudpit, spawn, and near the minecart. They are huge and hard to miss.

Find and melee the four correct gongs in a row to charge up the crystals till they are all glowing yellow. Once they are glowing yellow, the player with the Fractalizer (The Pack-A-Punch version of the Baby Maker) must aim their weapon at the crystal nearest to the minecart. The player must stand under this crystal so they can catch the dynamite. If they miss, the entire team has to redo this entire step. Once they have shot at the crystal, the dynamite will fall and hopefully the player will catch it. Now the player with the Fractalizer must go and aim their weapon at the Focusing Crystal on top of the mudpit. If all is done correctly, the energy from these crystals will travel to the final crystal and will now hit the giant 115 meteor, shrinking it in the process.

Step 10 (Acquiring the Focusing Stone)

Still in Eclipse Mode, re-enable the path to Pack-A-Punch and go to the top. The PAP Machine will be gone and a brick wall will be there. Brock and Gary will say their voice lines about needing the dynamite. Once they have stopped talking, hold Square on the wall to give them the dynamite. They will take it from your inventory and you must now run away from the blast zone. Once the wall has blown up, the game will end Eclipse Mode and bring you back to the present. Return to the top of the stairs to see that the Focusing Stone is there for the taking. Hold Square to grab the stone. This will grant the player that got the stone perma-perks but will grant every player the trophy, signifying the end to this Easter Egg. Congratulations to all of you.
Small Consolation
In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.
Ultra Rare
This trophy requires you to obtain the 31-79 JGb215 Wonder Weapon, also referred to as the Baby Maker, and use it on the four types of zombies that spawn in the map. The Baby Maker can only be obtained from the mystery box, so be ready to spend tons of points just to spin for this.

The four types of Zombies you have to use the gun on are:
  1. Normal Zombies - Regular old zombies that spawn every round.
  2. Napalm Zombies - These are the fire zombies that make your screen go red with fire when nearby. If you get too close these zombies explode. Napalm Zombies spawn every few rounds after round 5.
  3. Shrieker Zombies - These zombies move faster and are lighter in color than normal zombies. Shrieker zombies make a shrieking sound and let out a sound wave to attack you. Shrieker Zombies also spawn every few rounds after round 5.
  4. Monkeys - These small monkeys spawn whenever a power-up is dropped. Once a power-up is dropped, wait a few seconds, and a monkey will come to try to take away the power-up. Use this opportunity to shoot the monkey.

You do not have to kill any of the zombie types using the Baby Maker, you only have to use it on them. You know you are successful when the zombie you shoot turns into a miniature form of itself. Though when you shoot the monkeys, they will just die.

NOTE: You will have to individually complete the trophy requirements. One person CANNOT obtain the trophy for the rest of the players in the lobby.
Cryogenic Slumber Party
In Moon, complete Richtofen's Grand Scheme.
Very Rare
Richtofen's Grand Scheme is the main quest of Moon. It is exactly the same as it is in Black Ops I, except this time, completing the whole quest solo is allowed in this game. Whether you want to attempt this solo or with others is up to you, they all have been adjusted for all players. You only need to complete 1/3 of the quest to achieve this trophy, but all the steps will be described if you still want to blow up the Earth and create Tranzit. If you know anything about Moon, you would know that it is extremely RNG dependent, especially with some of the weapons you are required to use. Set aside an hour or two because this will be either an extremely quick experience or a fat time killer. Be sure to bring in any good Gobblegums you have to make this experience much simpler/easier for you.

Mystery Box Items

There are several key items that you need to use throughout the quest. These items are the Wonder Weapons for the map. You need these items:
  • Wave Gun (Required for trophy) - Used for Excavator Pi breaching Tunnel Six step. Can be used for the whole quest.
  • Gersh Device - Used to collect Hexagonal Plates and the true final step.
  • QEDs - Used to move the Hexagonal Plates and to collect the Vril Device.

Due to this being a Black Ops map, there is no true way of obtaining it within a small side quest in the map. You must spin the box till you obtain all of these items, which can be insanely quick or extremely long to acquire. You should reach the Mystery Box as soon as possible and spin it as much as you can and as early as you can to obtain these weapons as soon as possible to complete some steps as early as possible.

Luckily, due to this being Black Ops III, you have the magical power of Gobblegums. There is only one Gobblegum that directly makes this entire experience more tolerable and quicker. Immolation Liquidation allows you to spin the box way more times and is cheaper too. It's especially helpful if you have more than one player in your lobby, as it increases the chance of someone getting one of the Wonder Weapons if you all spin at the same time and they also use their Immolation Liquidation at the same time. There are other point-related Gobblegums that you can use but this is the main one to use on this map. 

Non-Linear Steps

Certain steps can be done before others are completed. You can do the steps to collect the parts for the computer before you even do Samantha Says and vice-versa. This also applies to the steps to launch the rockets after Sam and Richtofen switch souls. The steps to completing the trophy will be described first, followed by the best steps to take for the rest of the quest after the trophy is done.  

Step 1 (Samantha Says)

The very first that is done to actually start this quest is to play Samantha Says. Well, the first thing you actually need to do is to turn on the power in the Power Room, after leaving whichever tunnel you entered. Then you must interact with the computers under the receiving bay, in front of Tunnel 6. Once you have interacted with it, they will all be lit up. Each screen will represent a color, from left to right: red, green, blue and yellow. This is pretty much Simon Says. In the first round, all the computers will flash a color. You must interact with the correct computer with what color was shown. In the next round, another color is added. Each time you repeat the correct pattern, another color will be added until the 5th round of colors. Once you have completed the 5th round, all the computers will flash green and turn themselves off, notifying you that you have completed this step.

If you fail any round, all the computers will turn red and you must start from the first round.

Step 2 (Hacker button challenge)

You must now head to the Laboratory and find the Hacker device. It can be found in 6 locations in the Lab. Each possible location is indicated by a yellow pamphlet.

Here are visual examples of every possible location:
  • On the bookshelf to the left entrance of the MPD room.
  • On the book to the left of the staircase to the 2nd floor.
  • On the box next to the right of the stairs on the second floor, under the flag.
  • On the blue bar, next to the staircase leading to the 3rd floor.
  • On the green gas tanks next to Deadshot.
  • On the shelf next to the 115 canister, near the door to the Biodome.

Now once you have obtained the Hacker, head to the second floor of the Lab. Look at the wall next to the staircase to the 3rd floor with the 4 light switches. Hack one of the switches for 500 points to start this next step.

You must now search for 4 while panels with green lights on them. They will be buzzing once you approach close to them. There are 8 panels in total, but you only need to interact with 4. There are 3 panels on the first floor, 2 on the second floor and 3 on the third floor. You have 60 seconds to interact with all 4 with the Hacker. If you failed this step, you just need to Hack the switch again for another 500 points.

Once all the hacking has been done, you must return to the wall and press the buttons from left to right very quickly. When done successfully, the buttons will blink rapidly and you have completed this step.

Step 3 (Tunnel Six breach)

Here comes the first RNG-heavy step. There are two key things that need to happen for this step to happen. You must have Excavator Pi breach Tunnel Six and you must acquire the Wave Gun. You must have Pi breach Tunnel Six to spawn in the Vril Sphere. This can happen randomly in any round so hopefully it happens soon enough so you can get through with the rest of the egg.

While you are waiting, you should be spinning the box as much as you can for the Wave Gun. The Wave Gun is necessary for one small task within this step so it would be best to have it before it. Again, it is entirely random when you'll get this gun. Unlike the Excavator, you can force the odds into your favor by using Immolation Liquidation and spinning the box more times than intended. Hopefully the weapon and the breach happen quickly enough so you can have the rounds as low as possible, but it's all up to the luck of the cards.

But once both events happen, you must return to the Receiving Bay and hack the panel that corresponds to Excavator Pi so it can stop breaching. Now go to Tunnel Six and go towards the Kuda wall-buy and you'll see the Vril Sphere in front of it. It looks like an egg and it needs to travel to the M.P.D. To move it, you simply melee or shoot it and it will move along its path. It will hit several walls and will get stuck in a few places so you need to shoot it to get it unstuck. If it's stuck on a door, just open it yourself to get it moving again. This path is relatively simple to follow and is the same every game.

After a while, it will get stuck on a dish at the top of the Receiving Bay and now is when you truly need the Wave Gun. You must shoot the dish with the Wave Gun and it will fall down and continue towards Tunnel Eleven. Just keep following, opening doors and shooting at it when it gets stuck. Eventually it will land in the M.P.D in its place, signifying the end of this step.

Step 4 (First soul tube/Cryogenic Slumber Party)

A glass tube will now come from the ground in the front right corner of the M.P.D. You must now collect 25 souls around the tube by killing zombies. Make sure the zombies are very close to the tube to make every soul count. When the tube is full, you'll hear an audio cue which means the collecting is done. On the wall to the right of the M.P.D, there is a special power switch that can be used after filling up the tube. Interact with it. This will open the pyramid, revealing Samantha floating above the pyramid. This will also grant everyone with a Death Machine power-up for 90 seconds and will grant you the trophy. Congrats, the slumber party can begin.

There is nothing else you need to do for the trophy, you are technically done for the quest... but if you want to continue and destroy our planet...

Step 5/6 (Hexagon plate transferring)

You must now try and obtain the Wonder Weapon throwables, the Gersh Device and the QEDs. You should obtain the Gersh first then the QEDs to do this properly. This also requires spinning the Mystery Box a lot of times again so hopefully you will acquire whatever is required soon.

But once you have either throwable or have the Gersh, return to Area 51. Look over to the right of the teleporter and you'll see some shelves with some plates on them. Throw a grenade at those plates. The plates will fall to the floor and now you must throw the Gersh on top of the plates. If done correctly, they should be on the teleporter. Then you can teleport back to the moon with the plates next to you.

The next step is to move them with the QEDs. Once you or a teammate has the QEDs, throw them on top of the plates. It will go off and the plates will move on top of the computer in the back of the Receiving Bay.

Step 7 (Huge wire collection)

You must now find a wire within the map to connect the computer to the piece of equipment that sits near it. This wire actually spawns when first launching the map so you could have collected this before, but this step is when you need it the most. Most of the time, it will spawn on any floor of the Laboratory but it can spawn in other places on the map on rare occasions.

Step 8 (Vril Device computer typing)

Now that you have collected it, return to the computer and place the wire between the computer and the equipment. Now interact with the plates themselves to place the Vril Device. You are now ready to charge up the Vril Device. Now to properly charge it, you must have the player that is Richtofen interact with the computer by repeatedly pressing the interact button (Square). The others must protect him while Richtofen does this.
If you are a solo player, you don't have to worry about this due to always being Richtofen when doing a solo session. It does make this step a little more tedious as you must interact and be careful with getting hit too many times or getting stuck in the computer's corner. Having a single zombie/crawler and backing in and out of the computer would be your best strategy.

You'll know you are doing this correctly when you hear the keys. You'll know when you are done by seeing the computer flash green and red. The Vril Device is now charged and can now be collected.

Step 9 (Second soul collecting session)

Go back to the M.P.D and there will now be new soul tubes in the rest of the corners of the pyramid. You must now fill all of these tubes now, just like what you did for the first tube. Every time a container is filled, Sam will scream and the screen will shake, notifying you to move to work on the next tube. Once all the tubes get filled, interact with the slot in front of the pyramid to put in the Vril Device. This will allow Sam and Edward to switch bodies, now giving the player that's playing Richtofen a free Perkaholic for the rest of the game. The device will now be stuck in the pyramid.

By this point, the main characters have been tricked by Richtofen into thinking that they needed to remove Sam's soul to stop the zombie reign. In reality, he actually wanted to swap souls with Sam to take control of the zombies himself and gain supreme control of the world. Displeased by what they had just done, the rest of the Ultimis, along with Sam who is now trapped in Richtofen's body and can communicate through that body, must now help out Maxis, who is trapped in the electronics in Griffin Station. Maxis needs Ultimis to help him take control of the station and to defeat Richtofen in the only real way he can do.

Step 10 (Removing Vril Sphere)

Maxis needs the Sphere for his plan, but it is stuck in the M.P.D. You must throw the QED in front of the panel to remove it. As soon as the QED explodes, the Vril Sphere will now move away and go towards the Samantha Says computers. If you are in a co-op lobby, another player can do this while the others can do the next step simultaneously

Step 11 (Samantha Says Part 2)

Return to the computers used for Samantha Says. The game will now start with showing 3 colors in the first round, then 4 in the next round, then 5 in the final round. The colors are exactly the same as before. You've just got to follow the pattern and stay safe while doing so. Once that has been completed, Maxis can now control the entirety of Griffin Station and will now prep the rockets for launch.

Step 12 (Rocket Launch)

The final thing to complete this whole thing is to throw the Gersh Device at the Vril Sphere and it will suck it up. The Sphere is with the rockets and Maxis will now start a countdown. The rockets will now launch and move towards Earth. In about 40 seconds, the rockets will make contact and explode, nearly destroying the entire planet. Congratulations, Earth is now on fire. Everyone else in the game now has Perkaholics and is now overpowered till they die. You are officially done.
Ground Control
In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.
Ultra Rare
On Moon, there are 3 huge excavators outside of the map: Pi, Epsilon and Omicron. They all have a panel that corresponds to them in the Receiving Bay. They will become active after turning on the power and periodically afterwards, 1 will start moving towards Griffin Station. A warning sound will start to play at the beginning of a round and the player has around 4 minutes to reach the Receiving Bay. Then they must hack the corresponding panel with the Hacker to actually stop the excavator from breaching. You must then repeat this process with the 2 other excavators.

The steps are:
  • Excavator Pi will breach Tunnel 6.
  • Excavator Omicron will breach Tunnel 11.
  • Excavator Epsilon will breach the Biodome.

Although this sounds simple, it is completely random which excavator becomes active and if an excavator will ever become active. You could get Omicron multiple times in a row in a game and will get the other two around the mid 30 rounds. This will either take a while or be extremely quick if you are lucky and aware. It is recommended to get set up for the long term with the Wave Gun, good Gobblegums, and the Gersh Device, and to train in the outside area of the station, near the teleporter. Eventually, all excavators will be activated and will try to breach the base.
Little Lost Girl
In Origins, release Samantha.
Very Rare
Little Lost Girl is the main quest of Origins. This quest is exactly the same as it is in Black Ops II. There are 8 main steps to complete for the full quest, but the trophy will pop after the 7th step. This requires tons of set-up and time so make sure to set aside 3 or 4 hours just to attempt this. Study these steps as much as possible since there is a ton of information to take in. You can do this solo or with any amount of players you want, as all steps fit any amount of players. Be sure to bring in any good Gobblegums you have to make this experience much simpler/easier for you.

Step 1: Secure the keys

The very first thing you have to do officially is to build and upgrade all the elemental staffs. All 4 are actually used in Step 2 and Step 7 but crafting them all is still required to truly start releasing Samantha. This is also the step where you should get set up with the rest of the EE. Get your perks, shield, G-Strikes, Maxis Drone, PAPed Weapons and Gobblegums ready by the end of this, all while crafting the 4 staffs. You should also pay attention to the Ritual of the Ancients for bonus rewards that can substantially help you on these attempts. Most importantly, you should get the One Inch Punch as early as possible because that is required way later in the quest (See Bronze Overachiever for more info). You can craft any staff in any order. You can also complete certain steps earlier than intended to save massive time and headaches.

The Staff Blueprints
Each staff requires a total of 5 parts. 3 are separate pieces of the Amplification Rod which are scattered around the main part of the map. Another type of part are the records that are used with the Gramophone to unlock their corresponding tunnels, which allows you to enter the crazy place. The last type of part is the elemental gem, which are found in The Crazy Place when using a tunnel to a certain staff for the first time. The gem can be found on a newly opened pedestal in the middle of the room. Once all the parts of a certain staff are collected, they can be crafted down in the bottom of the Excavation Site on the corresponding pedestal.

The Upgrade Process
Each staff has an upgrade process that starts with solving a puzzle within The Crazy Place in its corresponding area. The next step is to do a task or another puzzle within the main part of the map. After that is done, the next step is to enter the Excavation Site and move around the 4 floating rings to match the ball of the staff you are trying to upgrade. You can rotate and change the colors by interacting with levers on the walkways and on the scaffoldings. Once that is done, the player must shoot the ball with the corresponding staff. Then it ends with placing the staff in the matching pedestal in the Crazy Place and collecting 20 kills. 

The Wind Staff/Boreas' Fury
The 3 parts of the Rod itself are found within the heads of the 3 Giants; Freya, Odin, and Thor. You access a giant by shooting the glowing hatch underneath the foot and being underneath a footprint when it comes around.

The part will be glowing in front of you in the head. The yellow record can be found in 3 locations near Generator 5:

  • On the broken wall to the right of Stamina-Up.

  • On a crate near the Lighting Tunnel entrance.

  • On the shelf on the left when entering the Lighting Tunnel.

The gem can be collected when you enter The Crazy Place through the Wind Tunnel, which is found near Generator 4.

The upgrade step starts by solving the riddle located in the Wind area inside The Crazy Place. The riddle is above the teleporter and it is 4 large rings with 4 symbols on each ring. Shooting the rings with the Wind Staff will cause the rings to rotate. You are supposed to figure out this by looking at the pillars and doing some calculations based on the symbols in the rings. You do not need to do any of that, since the figure in the pillar is always the same in every game you play, you can simply look at the image below to solve the entire riddle.

An audio cue will play when you are done and you can now go back to the main part of the map. There will be 3 stone balls that are shooting smoke out of them. You must shoot each with the Wind Staff to snuff out the smoke.

  • One is found near Generator 4, past the Wind Tunnel.

  • The other is found next to the tank's path, returning from the 2nd tank station. You can alternatively access this by backtracking the tank's path from the church.

  • The last ball is found near Generator 5, seen out of the window near Stamina-Up.

Once each ball has been shot at, another audio cue will play and a beam of light will shoot up at the Excavation Site. You must now order the floating rings in the Excavation Site so the light on the rings are yellow.

Once all the lights are yellow, shoot the yellow ball and it will shoot back up in the air. The final upgrade step is to bring the staff back to The Crazy Place and place it on the yellow pedestal, where the yellow ball is now. You must rack up 20 souls to be put inside the staff. Once all the souls have been collected, the Boreas' Fury can now be collected!

The Ice Staff/Ull's Arrow
The parts of the Rod can only be obtained by digging up the parts from the ground when it's snowing. There are several shovels you can equip in spawn and the snow starts to set in either round 2, 3 or 4 and round 10. After round 10, any random round can start snowing. The actual parts can be dug up in any of the dig spots on the map, but certain areas can only contain 1 part.

  • The bottom part can be found in the general spawn area, around Spawn, Generator 3, Generator 2 and the Workshop.

  • The middle part can be found in the large middle area, around Excavation Site, Generator 4 and 5. 

  • The top part can be found near the church & Generator 6.

The blue record can be found inside the tank station, directly next to Generator 2:
  • On a table directly in front of the entrance to the tank station from Generator 2.

  • On a bottom shelf near the Mystery Box.

  • On a shelf next to the doorway to the tank path, near the G-Strike tablets.


The gem can be collected when you enter The Crazy Place through the Ice Tunnel, which is found between Generator 6 and the church.


The upgrade process starts by solving the puzzle located in the Ice area in The Crazy Place. The puzzle is located above the teleporter and it is a bunch of stone and ice tablets floating. There is also a pillar with a symbol on it.

You must shoot the tablet that corresponds to the pillar's symbol with the Ice Staff. Look at the image below to help solve this puzzle. You must do this till all the tablets are flipped.

73cb27.jpgCredits to MrRoflWaffles/ for this image.

Once that is done, you need to go back to the main part of the map and find 3 tombstones that are covered in water. You must shoot the tombstones with the Ice Staff, then break them with a bullet weapon.
  • One is found near the KN-44 wall-buy, past Generator 4, above the middle giant's footprint.

  • Between the Excavation Site and the middle giant's footprint.

  • On a hill in the back of the tank station, on the path going back to the church.


Once that has been completed, an audio cue can be heard and a beam of light will strike down at the Excavation Site. You must now order the floating rings in the Excavation Site so the light on the rings are blue, exactly like the Wind Staff. 


Once the lights are blue, shoot the ball with the staff and now you can go back to The Crazy Place. The final step is to place the staff into the blue pedestal and collect 20 souls. The Ull's Arrow is now yours!

The Lighting Staff/Kimat's Bite
The parts for this Rod mainly utilize the tank to get off and jump on certain platforms on the map. These spots can be kinda buggy to get on and may require multiple trips to the tank.

The locations are:
  • On the path from the church to the tank station, on the right, a large wooden scaffolding that you can jump onto. Follow the path down and jump towards the giant's footprint that has the part. Be aware that the giant might be able to stomp you if you arent aware.

  • On the way back from the tank station to the church, there is a small wooden scaffolding on the left towards the Excavation Site. Follow the path and you can grab the part in the hole.

  • On the way back from the tank station to the church, close to the church itself, there will be a dirt path you can climb on the right. It will lead you to the part that has been hanging around in the upper level of the church.


The purple record can be found near Generator 4 in these certain locations:
  • On the wagon on the path directly towards Generator 4.

  • On the table next to the Wunderfizz machine.

  • In the Wind Tunnel, near the gateway itself.


The gem can be collected when you enter The Crazy Place through the Lightning Tunnel, which is found near Generator 5.


The upgrade process starts by solving the puzzle located in the Lightning area in The Crazy Place. The puzzle is located next to the teleporter and it is a bunch of triangular shapes.

Those are actually notes of a keyboard and what you are supposed to do is read the notes on the opposite walls to the keyboard and shoot the corresponding notes with the Lightning Staff. Ignore the top row, it is not important. You do not actually have to solve anything as the notes are consistent in every game so you can simply shoot the notes in these orders from left to right:
  • (1,3,6)
  • (3,5,7)
  • (2,4,6)

After inputting a set of notes, wait a few seconds till the bolts disappear for the game to confirm them.

Once that has been completed, you must go back to the main map and turn the knobs of some panels on the map. These 7 panels need to have each of their dials turned into the correct position. You could actually find and turn all of these dials at any part of the game, which means you can do this while you are opening the map at the beginning of the game, which could save you some time.

The locations of these panels are as follows: 
  • Spawn, at the bottom of the stairs. Dial must point right.

  • Tank station, left of the back exit. Dial must point up.

  • Next to Generator 5. Dial must point up.

  • Right side of the Wind Tunnel. Dial must point down.

  • Behind the Excavation Site, next to church path. Dial must point down.

  • Basement of the church, under the stairs. Dial must point left.

  • Upstairs of the church, next to the window. Dial must point down.

You will get an audio cue once this has been completed and a beam of light will now strike down at the Excavation Site. You must now order the floating rings in the Excavation Site so the light on the rings are purple, just like the previous staffs.

Once the lights are purple, shoot the ball with the staff and now you can go back to The Crazy Place. The final step is to place the staff into the blue pedestal and collect 20 souls. You now have the sweet Kimat's Bite.

The Fire Staff/Kagutsuchi's Blood
The parts for this Rod are mainly earned through normal gameplay. You'll get at least 2 of the parts just by opening up the map and playing through the rounds naturally.

They can be obtained through these methods:
  • The top part of the Rod is obtained when powering up Generator 6. Once it has powered up, the reward box next to it will open and grant you the part.

  • The middle part is obtained by destroying the plane that glows orange in the sky. This plane will appear the round after you purchase the path to the church. The part will drop near the soul box that is nearest to the Excavation Site, on the walkway.

  • The bottom part is obtained by killing the Panzer Soldat for the first time on Round 8. He'll drop it on his corpse.

The red record can be found around the church, mainly in these 3 locations:
  • Under the set of boxes in between the tank and staircase in the basement.

  • On the benches of the church, upstairs.

  • On the set of boxes near Generator 6.

The gem can be collected when you enter The Crazy Place through the Fire Tunnel, which is found near Spawn.


The upgrade process for this staff starts with a "riddle" but its actually just collecting souls near the 4 cauldrons in the Fire area in The Crazy Place. To make sure these souls count, be on the metal grates while the zombies approach you and use the Fire Staff.

Once that has been done, you must enter the main part of the map and head to the church. Head up the stairs and look at the walls. You should be seeing symbols that represent numbers. Using the ternary numeral system, you are suppose to decipher the numbers yourself but you can see the image below for an no effort translation of all the possible symbols you can get. Look and order them from left to right.

8d7667.jpg7627b3.jpgCredits to MrRoflWaffles/ for this image.

Once you have figured out your numbers, come downstairs to the basement and look at the torches. Each torch has a number under it. You must shoot the correct torches from the order you got. The torch with the bloodstain on it is the number 4. You have to be pretty fast in lighting the torches to complete this step. You'll know you have done it successfully once you hear an audio cue and a beam of light will now strike down at the Excavation Site. You must now order the floating rings in the Excavation Site so the light on the rings are red.

Once the lights are red, shoot the ball with the staff and now you can go back to The Crazy Place. The final step is to place the staff into the blue pedestal and collect 20 souls. You now have the beautiful Kagutsuchi's Blood and have successfully obtained ALL the staffs. Now the real Easter Egg quest starts!

Step 2: Ascend from darkness

After acquiring all the upgraded staffs, 4 new pedestals have appeared around the map that you must place the staffs in. Each pedestal requires a specific staff. You can place these in any order. You must also make sure every Generator is active, or else they wont spawn in.

The Fire Staff/Kagutsuchi's Blood
At the Excavation Site, in front of the statues.
The Ice Staff/Ull's Arrow
Inside Freya's head, the left giant that stomps over the church.
The Wind Staff/Boreas' Fury
Inside Odin's head, the middle giant that stomps over the Excavation Site.
The Lighting Staff/Kimat's Bite
Inside Thor, the right giant that stomps over Spawn and Generator 2 and 3.

Once the last staff has been placed, Samantha will say her line and the new pedestals will disappear, letting you know that this step has been completed. The staffs will now return to the statues and be available to use again.

Step 3: Rain fire

Completing that last step will cause the 3 giants to walk all over the map together at several intervals until this step is completed. By now you should have gotten the G-Strike while upgrading the staffs, because now its required.

If you still need the G-Strikes, here's how to obtain them for free:
  • Grab a tablet from the table in the tank station near Generator 2. There will be no prompt on the screen so hold Square on the table to grab one.
  • Go to the church and place the tablet in the water basin by holding Square. You must now get 20 melee kills near it in order to clean it.
  • After killing 20 zombies, you can now grab the tablet again, but now it's clean and must be brought back to the table. But you have to make sure you don't step in mud while taking it. If you step in mud, it will be dirty again and you need to bring it back to the basin to clean it and try again. The video below will demonstrate the ideal route for this.
  • Once you placed the tablet back into the table, you must get another 20 melee kills near the table. Once that is done, the G-Strike will spawn, ready to be picked up. 

If you did not get it eariler, having the One Inch Punch will help with achieving this in the higher rounds. See Bronze Overachiever for info on obtaining the One Inch Punch. You should have it/work on it soon since it is required for Step 6.

In any case, once you have the G-Strikes, you are ready to complete this next step. You or your teammates must enter one of the glowing foots of the giants and enter the head to press a red button. Once that is pressed, there is a small timer in which someone needs to throw a G-Strike on a huge cracked rock to the right of Generator 5, outside of the map. If the G-Strike misses or if the timer runs out, the Demonic Announcer will laugh at you and you need to press the button again. If done correctly, the G-Strike will work as intended and strike down on the rock, breaking it. Sam will say something and it will move on to the next step.

If completing this solo, it is best to attempt this when Odin's foot is glowing. It is also best to have Stamina-Up as it can help with running in time. When you are in the head, you should time it during the auto-eject sequence. The best time to press it is when the countdown is at "1." It will give you the most amount of time possible for you to reach the rock and destroy it.

Step 4: Unleash the horde

As soon as the rock breaks, you must deploy the Maxis Drone near/looking at the newly formed hole from the rock. If you haven't obtained the Maxis Drone by this step, it's time to get it now. It consists of 3 parts that are the brain, frame and rotors. 
  • The Brain is always on the table in the starting room, next to the stairs.

The frame can be found in these locations, generally near the church:
  • In the Ice Tunnel, on the floor away from the portal.

  • On the tank's path towards Generator 4, under the cross-bone sign.

  • On the tank's path from Generator 5, under the cross-bone sign.

The final part, the rotors, can be found in these locations, generally near the Excavation Site:
  • Near the statues, on the scaffolding, on top of a box next to the rings.

  • Near the top of the staircase to reach the statues.

  • On top of the Site, near Pack-A-Punch, next to the Gobblegum machine.

Once you have collected all the parts, go to one of the workbenches in the workshop or basement of the church to craft the Drone. Now that you actually have it, deploy it. It will go towards the hole and do its thing. Now, here's when things will go crazy. About 10 Panzer Soldats will come out and will try to kill you. You must kill them all. The power of the staff is good enough to kill them all. Once the last one dies, the step is completed.

Step 5: Skewer the winged beast

Now you must acquire the Zombie Blood to view objects that can only be viewed with that power-up. You can either obtain it through killing random zombies or you can spawn one in for yourself by shooting these 3 burning wagons that are around the Excavation Site:
  • Around the MP-40 wall-buy.
  • Near the footprint by Generator 5.
  • Behind the Excavation Site by Generator 4.

The Zombie Blood will spawn on top of the Site. Once you grab it, look up to the sky and try to find a plane glowing yellow. Shoot it down with a bullet weapon. When it crashes, the pilot zombie will spawn and circle around the Excavation Site clockwise. You must shoot and kill the zombie, so the best way to hunt it down is to run counterclockwise yourself. Once the zombie dies, it will drop the upgraded Maxis Drone. Grab that and you have completed this step.

Step 6: Wield a fist of iron

By now, you should have done the filling of the 4 soul chests to earn the One Inch Punch melee upgrade, because now it's required. If not, you should quickly achieve it in order for it to still deal 1-hit kills before round 20. Once you obtain it, go inside the Excavation Site and hit 20 Crusader Zombies that have the white glow around them. You only actually have to focus on these types of zombies as those are required for this step. You also just need to hit them to make the white glow go away. Killing isn't necessary.

Once you've hit enough zombies with the glow, a tablet will drop from the last one. This is the Iron Fist. Grab it and the screen will flash white, concluding the upgrade process. 

If you are playing with others, they all must also do this quest for themselves to pass this step. 

Make sure the zombies that everyone is hitting are inside the map and not outside, as that could allow the tablet to drop outside with no way to reach it, making the rest of the quest impossible.

Step 7: Raise hell

After obtaining a fist of iron, you must return to The Crazy Place and place all of the staffs into their respective pedestals. After placing the last staff, you must now collect 100 zombie souls in The Crazy Place. The souls must float up to the center of the room, creating a gateway to Agartha. Once enough souls have been collected, the screen will flash white and the portal will open, rewarding you with the trophy. That is it, you've done pretty much everything that is needed to be done!

But if you truly want to free Samantha and fix the paradox...

Step 8: Freedom

Deploy the Maxis Drone under the portal, he will fly to the portal itself and enter it. After he says his line, a rock will spawn under the portal. Interact with this to access the teleporter to travel to Agartha yourself. This will cause the game to officially end, allowing you to see the final scoreboard and ending cutscene.

Congrats, you have officially completed one of the most pivotal points in this mode's story, as this is where it truly gets confusing and complicated.
In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.
Very Rare
The 4 Challenges, known as the Rituals of the Ancients, are different objectives the players can complete that will reward the player in substantial ways. You can view the Rituals at Generators 1 and 6 and you can see which Rituals you have completed by pressing the Touch Pad. These are relatively simple to achieve and can easily be obtained when going for Bronze Little Lost Girl.

  • Spend 30K points
  • Awards Double Tap 2.0
  • Repacking your weapons and spinning the Mystery Box are great methods to spend tons of points.
  • Perform 115 Normal Zombie Headshots
  • Awards a PAP-ed weapon: ICR, Weevil, KN-44, MP40, STG-44
  • Achieve this on lower rounds to grab a free PAPed weapon.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri is extremely helpful if you struggle to earn this. You find it at the Wunderfizz.
  • Capture 6 Generators
  • Awards a Max Ammo
  • Open the map as soon as possible.
  • Training is ideal to not get hit by the Templars.
  • Fill 4 chests to capacity
  • Awards the One Inch Punch
  • Start harvesting souls after the robot's foot moves away from the chest.
  • Focus on one chest at a time. Losing progress on a chest can waste more zombies & your time.
I said we’re CLOSED!
In Nacht Der Untoten, do not let any zombies enter the building during the first 3 rounds.
To achieve this, you are going to have to act like Zombies is a tower defense game. You have to be on patrol with all the windows in the 1st room. This is because it's best to stay in here to not open more spawn windows for the zombies. You constantly need to check each window and kill any zombies that are limping towards the base.

If you had done the super EE, then the RK5 would be the best weapon for this trophy. If you haven't, then you should buy the Shieva and headshot all the zombies you see. Grenades could help but they are not that useful. Repair any boards you can to provide a barricade to any zombies close to the airbase. The zombies walk very slowly for the first 3 rounds but they can easily gang up on a single window and get inside super quickly.

You can earn this in a solo game or in a co-op game. Just be aware that more zombies will spawn depending on how many additional players are in the game. Yet having more than one person on patrol around the windows may be beneficial. Once it becomes Round 4, the trophy should pop up.

I said we're CLOSED! Video Guide

Acted Alone
In Verrückt, headshot 20 zombies in the courtyard from the second floor of the Asylum.
Ultra Rare
This trophy is easier said than done. The courtyard is simply the middle area that contains the fountain. Zombies will spawn from the ground around it and they will travel to the closest window or staircase next to you. Any zombie found entering the Asylum or that are walking up the staircase are invalid.

Try and reach the 2nd floor as soon as possible and equip a gun that can headshot zombies easily. The earlier the round, the fewer amount of health the zombies have for really simple headshots. Since there is no PAP, you really need a decent weapon, like the Shieva (very early rounds), an AR or an LMG.

A perk that is highly recommended is Deadshot Daiquiri, which auto-locks to the head of any zombies. It is perfect for this trophy. You can get it from the Wunderfizz machine next to the Mystery Box.

You must patrol above the courtyard, spotting any zombie coming from the ground. You'll figure out the spots they come out from and take them out easily. You have to be aware of the other zombies that are actually in the Asylum to not die. You must do this for several rounds and hope that most of the zombies actually spawn in the courtyard. This is more difficult solo due to the job of constantly looking over your own back, but this difficulty can be reduced a ton by having a co-op partner or several others looking over your back while you just shoot every zombie down in the courtyard.

Having Gobblegums like "Wall Power" and "Crate Power" will also help tremendously.
I’ve seen some things…
In Kino Der Toten, visit every location the teleporter can take you to.
Kino famously has a huge machine in the end of the main stage. That is the teleporter and it is used to teleport you to the Pack-A-Punch room and, more importantly, teleport you to unique locations for several seconds. You are going to need to use the teleporter at least 4 times to visit the 4 locations it can take you.

This is how the main process goes:
The very first thing you need to do is to turn on the power, which is done by following the arrows and flipping the power switch. Then you have to link the mainframe in the lobby/spawn to the teleporter itself. The option to teleport will now be available for one trip.

You will now spend 30 seconds in the PAP room, then you'll be teleported to 1 of the 4 random rooms. These rooms are the Dentist's Office, the Conference Room, Sam's Room & Sam's Destroyed Room. You'll stay at one of these rooms for a few seconds then you'll be brought back to the main map.

You need to repeat the process of linking the mainframe to the teleporter to visit the rest of the locations. There are a few things to keep in mind:
  • The teleporter has a cool down after every use, which lasts about 2 minutes.
  • You may revisit a location you've already been to.
  • You may just teleport to the lobby after going to the PAP room. It does not count as a unique location and you have to try again.

Once you have visited the 4th unique location, the trophy should pop.

I've seen some things... Video Guide

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